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Dry Docking Technical Services



“Cost Effective Reliability”

Traditionally, Merchant Vessels were taken out of service for Dry-Docking, twice in every five year cycle, in order to conduct due Maintenance and Surveys, that cannot be completed afloat. Currently, the period between Dry-Docking may now be extended up to a 5 or 7.5 year period, with an In-Water-Survey mid period. Nonetheless, Out-Of-Service periods for any Ship Owner, represents loss of earnings. Therefore any Downtime must not only be kept to a minimum but work conducted must maximise the Return-On-Investment for Owners.

The V.Ships Group conducts approximately 130 Dry-dockings successfully each year. The wide ranging work undertaken varies from basic underwater maintenance and surveys, through to Machinery/Cargo System/Accommodation repairs plus Structural and Machinery upgrades. Attending Costs of US$250k to US$25 Million with Repair Schedules anything between 10 to 100 Days.   

Delivering Cost Effective Reliability requires a proactive Project Management approach to control Time and Costs of all activities. This is accomplished by utilising the V.Docks Project Management System, a centralised dedicated Dry-Dock Team and Specialist In-House Support Services.   Prior to the intended Docking date the Docking Team consults a Database of Yard Profiles, based on reports of previous attendances by company superintendents. Each Facility Profile identifies essential criteria including, Safety, Work Quality, Facility Assets, Price Stability, Local Services and review of current workload.

The selection and appointment of the Repair Facility allows the compilation of   the Project Cost Control. The V.Docks System monitors ALL associated Costs inclusive of, Repairs, Services and Supplies, from which alternative actions such as engaging Pre/ Post Dock services to conduct repairs within improved Time/Cost constraints. The transparent Cost and Time Control together with Daily Reports allows regular assessment and dialogue with Owners to maintain Cost and Time Budgets.

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