Senior Management

Senior Management

Roberto Giorgi, President V.Ships
Roberto Giorgi has been with V.Group since 1980 and was appointed as President of V.Ships in 2005. Prior to joining V.Group, he attended the San Giorgio Nautical College in Genoa and served from Deck Cadet to First Officer with Navigazione Alta Italia, Italian Line and Sitmar Cruises.

Elliot Gow, CEO Ship Supply Chain
Joined V.Ships in 2002 having previously worked for Arthur Andersen. Elliot has been Financial Director for a number of different business units within the Group. In April 2006 he was promoted to Chief Financial Officer of V.Ships and in October 2008 he was appointed Chief Operating Officer, V.Ships. In 2011 Elliot was appointed CEO of the sixth Business Unit, Ship Supply Chain.

Bob Bishop, CEO Ship Management
Joined V.Ships (previously Acomarit) in 1999 having previously been the Marine Director of INTERTANKO. He is a Master Mariner and former Platform Manager (OIM) in the Offshore industry. Currently Bob Bishop is the CEO of V. Ships Ship Management Division.

Lorenzo Malvarosa, Chairman V.Ships Leisure
Having served as a chief engineer on cargo and passenger vessels, Lorenzo held various senior management positions within V.Ships including Technical Director of V.Ships USA and Managing Director of V.Ships Monaco before being appointed CEO of V.Ships Leisure in 2006.

Keith Parsons, Group HR Director
Joined the Monaco office in 1990 as Group Training & Planning Manager after a career at sea with P&O and gaining HR experience in the UK retail sector. Transferred to V.Ships UK in 1993 and assumed the role of Group HR Director in 1998. Keith is currently responsible for both seagoing and shore-based personnel.

Matt Dunlop, COO Ship Management
Joined V.Ships (then Acomarit) in 1996 after a long seagoing career. His current position is Chief Operating Officer of V.Ships Ship Management Division.

Andrea Zito, CEO V.Ships Leisure
Joined V.Ships Leisure in 2005 with the acquisition of Martinoli SAM where he held the position of Managing Director. Andrea was an officer of Engineering Duty Corps at the Italian Navy Academy and a Project Engineer for Saipem Milan. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of V.Ships Leisure.

Lawrie Campbell, CEO Manpower
Joined V.Ships in 2005 having previously served in the Royal Marines before joining a private recruitment firm in 2001, where he specialised in oil & gas industry and executive recruitment. He was subsequently appointed CEO Manpower Services in 2008, responsible for all V.Ships crewing and manning services.